Kristen Stewart looks completely different now and here is what she looks like now…

Everyone knew Kristen Stewart from her role as the demure yet luminous Bella Swan in the vampire saga “Twilight.”

As a young actress, she captivated audiences with her natural beauty, drawing a sea of fans who followed her every move. However, it seems that Stewart grew weary of such attention.

Nowadays, she often appears on the streets in understated outfits, seeking to avoid drawing extra notice.

In recent years, Stewart has been striving to distance herself from the image of a romantic beauty, opting instead for a more rugged and striking appearance. But just a couple of years ago, she frequently opted for delicate dresses and feminine styles.

During that time, Stewart was romantically involved with her “Twilight” co-star, Robert Pattinson, a couple that enthralled fans worldwide. However, as she matured, Stewart parted ways with Robert and underwent a dramatic style transformation.

These days, Stewart’s fashion choices often border on the absurd. While she attempts to make bold statements with her outfits, she doesn’t always succeed.

In her everyday life, she sometimes throws together mismatched ensembles. For instance, she was recently photographed on a dog walk wearing stretchy sweatpants, an oversized blue hoodie, a T-shirt, and sneakers.

Unsurprisingly, Stewart now often hides her face behind bangs and dark glasses. Without makeup and with noticeable swelling, she’s become difficult to recognize.

Concerns among fans have grown as Stewart’s once-iconic beauty seems to have faded. Her fervor for fashion and desire to stand out may have led her down a misguided path.

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