This mother gives birth to quadruplets after a decade-long wait to expand her family with a son… Here is how they look today!

Kayla Glines has every reason to rejoice: she has become the first triplet in the world to give birth to quadruplets. Despite the odds, the 32-year-old welcomed Reese, Jameson, Oaklee, and Lincoln into the world.

A heartwarming image captures the little ones nestled together, reminiscent of an old family album photo featuring Kayla as a baby alongside her triplet siblings.

Her remarkable journey spans over a decade of hope, resilience, and finally, boundless joy, as her dream of starting a family with husband Allen finally came true.

Kayla’s path to motherhood began two years ago when she became pregnant with triplets through fertility treatment. Although two of the babies survived, one tragically passed away in utero.

However, when Kayla conceived naturally again, she was astonished to learn that she was expecting quadruplets.

Reflecting on the news, Kayla expressed disbelief and immense gratitude. She shared, “We couldn’t believe it when I went for an ultrasound and the doctor told me I was pregnant with quadruplets.

We had been trying for so many years to get pregnant naturally, and to find out that I was going to have four babies, especially when I’m a triplet myself, was truly amazing.”

Despite the inherent risks associated with a quadruplet pregnancy, all four babies were born healthy and safe.

Kayla and Allen, who reside in Salt Lake City, Utah, had previously adopted her brother’s two daughters, aged eight and six, before embarking on fertility treatment in 2016.

Following the successful birth of two of the triplets in August 2017, the family welcomed the quadruplets in March of the following year. With six children under the age of two and eight in total, Kayla marvels at the unexpected turn her life has taken.

She remarked, “Sometimes Allen and I can’t believe what has happened to us. We spent 10 years searching for a family, and now we have a large family of eight children, including us!”

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