Meghan Markle had to say sorry to Paris Hilton and the reason will surprise you…

Meghan Markle has revealed her initial feelings of “envy” towards Paris Hilton, acknowledging that she had preconceived notions about the hotel heiress before their interview.

Meghan admitted to being “envious” of Hilton’s perceived physical attractiveness during her upbringing.

Paris Hilton, aged 41, recently joined Meghan Markle on her Archetypes podcast to discuss topics such as the labels “bimbo” and “dumb blonde.” In the conversation, Hilton disclosed that she had constructed a persona for herself in her youth as a form of “mask.”

Recently, Meghan Markle has been making headlines with increasing frequency due to various engagements. She has launched a new podcast, attended a private Spotify event, and graced the cover of a notable magazine.

During the podcast episode featuring Paris Hilton, Meghan Markle initiated a dialogue on the stereotypes surrounding attractive women, particularly addressing the concept of “bimbos” – perceived as physically appealing but intellectually lacking or frivolous individuals.

Meghan acknowledged that, unlike Paris Hilton, she did not consider herself attractive during her childhood and youth.

She confessed to forming opinions about Hilton solely based on her public persona, which initially led to an unfavorable impression of the renowned socialite.

However, Meghan’s perspective shifted over time as she learned about the challenges Paris had faced.

During the podcast, Hilton revealed that she had not originally identified as a “bimbo” but had internalized societal perceptions due to early attention, which significantly impacted her self-perception.

Following the podcast recording, Meghan approached Paris and offered her apologies, expressing remorse for her earlier misjudgment. “I’m so sorry I misjudged you,” Meghan told Hilton in a subsequent interview with Variety.

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