The performance of this 12-year-old girl singing a song moved everyone in the audience to tears…

“Sinyaya Ptitsa” emerges as a groundbreaking non-commercial initiative spearheaded by “The Voice,” strategically designed to challenge and dispel deeply ingrained stereotypes surrounding classical music and choreography.

These art forms have long been pigeonholed as exclusive, accessible only to audiences with a particular inclination for cultural programming typically found on channels like “Culture.”

However, this project sets out to shatter these misconceptions, presenting a meticulously crafted program that transcends boundaries and resonates with diverse audiences.

Under the careful curation of “The Voice,” “Sinyaya Ptitsa” unfolds as a sophisticated and emotionally resonant experience.

Far from being elitist, the program celebrates the inherent talent and creativity of each child participant, showcasing their unique abilities in a captivating manner.

By providing a platform for these young individuals, “The Voice” demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the arts, fostering a space where talent knows no boundaries.

Through “Sinyaya Ptitsa,” “The Voice” not only challenges societal norms but also highlights the transformative power of music and dance in bringing people together.

By breaking down barriers and inviting audiences of all backgrounds to engage with classical music and choreography, this initiative paves the way for a more inclusive and enriched cultural landscape.

Here is the video:

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