A burglar broke into the Beckham family’s home while they slept, causing extensive damage…

The Beckham family resides in an opulent London mansion valued at 40 million pounds.

Despite having a robust security system in place, even the stars couldn’t evade a burglary.

While the Beckham family, including David, 46, Victoria, 47, and their 10-year-old daughter Harper, were sound asleep, a burglar stealthily entered their home, causing extensive damage and making off with thousands of pounds worth of valuables from their empty bedroom.

The thief’s entry went unnoticed as they operated in complete silence.

News of the star-studded family’s burglary broke late into the night when 17-year-old Cruz returned from an outing with friends, discovering shattered glass and signs of intrusion in the ransacked bedroom.

Upon alerting his father, the decision was swiftly made to contact the authorities, as reported by The Sun.

According to an insider, “The thieves broke the window to get in and then left with a small amount of items. Fortunately, none of them held significant value for the family.”

Currently, law enforcement is scrutinizing security footage in hopes of identifying the perpetrators, though the task is compounded by the burglar’s masked appearance.

The entire family is understandably shaken by the incident, yet relieved that they emerged physically unharmed.

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