Brad Pitt maintains a list of actors with whom he refuses to collaborate under any circumstances…

Despite Brad Pitt’s sporadic presence among Hollywood’s top earners, his enduring appeal in the industry remains unwavering.

Recently, insights into Pitt’s professional standards emerged, revealing a discerning approach to his on-screen collaborators.

According to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Pitt’s co-star in the film “Bullet Train,” the acclaimed actor prioritizes a positive and harmonious atmosphere on set.

Taylor-Johnson remarked in a Variety interview that Pitt strives to spread joy and seeks companionship with like-minded individuals who share his passion for enjoying the filmmaking process.

Taylor-Johnson further disclosed that both he and Pitt maintain mental lists of individuals they prefer not to collaborate with again.

While Taylor-Johnson didn’t delve into specifics, it’s speculated that actors like Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise might feature on Pitt’s list due to past disagreements during collaborative projects.

Furthermore, Pitt’s history with Angelina Jolie suggests that any potential future collaborations with his ex-wife are highly improbable, given the complexities of their personal relationship.

These revelations offer a glimpse into Pitt’s meticulous approach to selecting his on-screen partners, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and harmony in the filmmaking process.

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