Patrick Dempsey’s twin sons look just like their dad in the recent photos taken during an event…

Patrick Dempsey, the beloved heartthrob of Hollywood, has found himself in the spotlight once again, but this time, it’s not just for his own dashing looks and charisma.

His 16-year-old son, Darby, is stealing hearts and turning heads for his striking resemblance to his famous father.

During a recent red carpet appearance attended by the entire Dempsey family, fans and onlookers couldn’t help but notice the remarkable similarities between Patrick and Darby.

From their facial features to their mannerisms, the resemblance between father and son is undeniable.

Dubbed as the “next McDreamy” by fans, a playful nod to Patrick’s iconic role as Dr. Derek Shepherd on the hit TV series “Grey’s Anatomy,” Darby is quickly gaining attention for his uncanny likeness to his father.

Social media platforms have been buzzing with comments and comparisons, with many noting that Darby looks like a younger version of Patrick, or even his “clone.”

The Dempsey family’s good looks and charm have always been a topic of discussion among fans, but Darby’s emergence as a spitting image of his father has taken things to a whole new level.

Despite the spotlight on him, Patrick Dempsey seems to be taking it all in stride.

Recently crowned as People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” Patrick joked about the comparisons during interviews, expressing his amusement and even hinting at using his newfound fame for positive endeavors.

As the Dempsey family continues to captivate audiences with their undeniable charm and genetic likeness, fans around the world are eager to see what the future holds for the next generation of Hollywood’s most iconic family.

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