On his 18th birthday, this young man receives what could possibly be the most significant surprise of his life…

A teenager finds his permanent family just in time!

According to reports from First Coast News in Jacksonville and USA Today, Brad and Renee Balassaitis officially welcomed Roman Balassaitis into their family just one day before his 18th birthday.

Brad and Renee Balassaitis, who have adopted seven children together and have a total of nine children, had been diligently working since the beginning of the year to finalize Roman’s adoption.

As Roman’s 18th birthday approached, there was a sense of urgency to complete the adoption process to ensure he would continue to receive the necessary support.

The couple had previously cared for Roman for about nine months when he was 13, but adoption was not feasible at that time.

Last Christmas, Brad and Renee surprised Roman with the news of their intention to adopt him, a moment that brought tears to everyone’s eyes and fulfilled Roman’s long-held desire for a permanent family.

The adoption was officially completed last week via Zoom and at the Historic Clay County Courthouse, marking a joyous occasion for the entire family.

For Roman, the adoption means having a place to call home and someone to turn to for support and guidance.

Renee emphasized the positive impact the adoption has had on Roman, noting that he now carries himself with a sense of relief and lightness, as if a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

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