Rita Ora revealed her engagement ring for the first time, and its price may catch you off guard…

One of Hollywood’s most attractive couples is well-versed in managing public relations.

Rita Ora recently revealed her engagement ring for the first time, and its price may astonish you.

She and Taika Waititi have been gradually unveiling details about their secret wedding from last year, keeping fans intrigued.

During a recent appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, Ora proudly displayed her engagement ring, a choice she made herself after taking Waititi to a jewelry store.

She explained that she wanted to ensure the ring reflected her taste and their relationship, emphasizing her commitment to Waititi.

Ora’s ring features a stunning 10-carat Colombian emerald set in yellow gold, a unique and elegant choice compared to the more traditional diamond and platinum styles.

The cost of such a ring typically ranges from $400 to $500 million, reflecting its exquisite craftsmanship and rarity.

Moreover, the choice of an emerald holds symbolic significance, with the gem traditionally associated with good luck throughout history.

During her appearance, Ora also expressed her affection for the host, Jimmy Fallon, and her decision to reveal the expensive gift from her husband, citing their shared enjoyment of his show as a reason for sharing the news.

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