What Does Sting’s Daughter, Who Identifies as Non-Binary and Is Unsure About Their Orientation, Look Like Now?

Eliot Sumner, Sting’s non-binary child, is making waves in the creative industry. Born in Pisa, Italy, they are the youngest of Sting’s six children.

While their childhood dream was to become a chef, music found them at the age of four when they picked up their first guitar. This ignited a passion for music, leading them to master multiple instruments.

Wanting to establish their own identity, Eliot adopted the pseudonym I Blame Coco for their debut album “The Constant,” released at the age of 19, aiming to step out of their famous father’s shadow and stand on their own merits.

Eliot’s talent speaks volumes. They began songwriting at 15, and “The Constant” received critical acclaim, leading to major studio contracts and collaborations with artists like Robyn and Pete Doherty.

Between music releases, Eliot explored the techno scene under the DJ alias Vaal, demonstrating their versatility and love for electronic music.

In 2016, they transitioned to using their own name, Eliot Sumner, with the release of the album “Information.”

Despite acknowledging the influence of their famous parents, Eliot is determined to be recognized for their own artistic achievements.

In addition to music, Eliot has ventured into acting with cameo roles in films like “With You and Without You” and “Stardust.” Their latest project is a starring role in the series “Ripley,” based on Patricia Highsmith’s classic psychological thriller.

Eliot is also open about their sexual orientation, having come out as a lesbian in 2015. They stress the importance of authenticity and living life on their own terms.

While their past relationships with model Lucy Von Alten and socialite Frankie Herbert attracted some media attention, Eliot remains focused on their creative endeavors.

Eliot Sumner’s journey is one of self-discovery and artistic expression. Their commitment to music and their courage to embrace their true identity make them a compelling presence in the creative realm.

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