Nicole Kidman’s odd behavior at the Oscars has left her fans bewildered, surprising everyone…

Nicole Kidman’s presence at the Academy Awards last night elicited a varied response from her admirers.

Fans of Nicole Kidman were left perplexed by her peculiar conduct at the Oscars, which caught everyone by surprise, as reported by The Sun.

Initially, Nicole drew admiration upon her arrival at the Shrine Auditorium, where the event took place.

She appeared flawless, adorned in a black asymmetrical gown from Armani Privé, intricately embellished with rhinestones and adorned with large artificial roses on the shoulder and waist, a choice that fans deemed fitting for her.

Furthermore, her elegant footwear and a high slit in the skirt accentuated the already long and slender legs of the actress, giving the impression of them being “endless.”

However, it wasn’t long before observers noticed Nicole’s rather peculiar behavior. Sporting an ambiguous smile and excessive gestures, she appeared somewhat unsteady on her feet.

Moreover, the 55-year-old actress repeatedly embraced her husband, Keith Urban, who accompanied her to the ceremony, and exchanged passionate kisses with him, much to the surprise and discomfort of Urban and the accompanying assistants.

While such behavior might be overlooked if exhibited by a personality known for controversy, like Madonna, it was unprecedented for Kidman. Consequently, fans were left puzzled, with some speculating that she may have consumed light “enhancements” or indulged in excessive champagne before the event.

This behavior drew criticism from some fans, who argued that as a mother of two young daughters, Kidman should set a better example. Kidman shares two daughters with Urban, whom she legally married in 2006. The eldest, Sandy Rose, is 14 years old, and the youngest, Faith Margaret, is 12.

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