Angelina Jolie is not a brunette anymore and here is what she looks like after getting her hair done…

Angelina Jolie, the celebrated Hollywood icon, recently made headlines with her decision to undergo a notable style transformation, harking back to the aesthetic of the 1990s.

In a public appearance that garnered widespread attention, Jolie revealed her revamped look, signaling a departure from her usual appearance and embracing a fresh, retro-inspired vibe.

Despite being 48 years old, Angelina has displayed a keen interest in the fashion world by venturing into entrepreneurship with the founding of her own fashion house.

This move not only underscores her diverse talents but also showcases her commitment to exploring new creative avenues beyond acting.

Prior to unveiling her new style, Jolie held discussions with Gabriela Hirst, the creative mind behind the renowned fashion brand ChloƩ, hinting at a potential collaboration or perhaps seeking fashion advice.

For the occasion, Jolie opted for an elegant yet alluring black dress, featuring a knee-length hemline, bare shoulders, and a plunging neckline, exuding sophistication and understated glamour.

She completed her ensemble with coordinating pumps, adding a touch of refinement to her overall look.

However, the most striking aspect of Jolie’s transformation was her hair, which underwent a significant change. Departing from her usual dark locks, she opted for light honey-colored curls, breathing new life into her appearance and evoking nostalgia for her earlier years in the entertainment industry.

This shift in hairstyle has sparked a flurry of discussions among fans and fashion enthusiasts alike, with some drawing parallels to her iconic blonde portrayal in the 1999 film “Girl, Interrupted.”

As expected, opinions regarding Jolie’s new look varied widely among fans. While some speculated about the inspiration behind her hairstyle, with comparisons to fellow actress Jennifer Aniston, others lauded her for looking more youthful and radiant.

Regardless of the debate, one sentiment remained unanimous: Angelina Jolie continues to captivate audiences with her timeless beauty and effortless elegance, reaffirming her status as a revered cinematic icon.

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