“I’m merely being guided”: Gerard Piqué discussed his new youthful partner for the first time ever during an interview…

It appears that in the near future, fans of Shakira can look forward to the release of several new and intriguing tracks from the celebrated artist, hinting at exciting developments in her musical career.

Recently, Gerard Piqué, the well-known footballer, opened up in an interview about his new romantic partner, marking his first public discussion about his relationship since his previous liaison with Clara Chia, which lasted for a year.

Just last month, Piqué shared a snapshot on social media featuring himself and his new partner, sparking a considerable wave of both curiosity and criticism from the public.

Given this recent attention, it wouldn’t be surprising if similar reactions emerge following his latest interview revelations.

During a live appearance on the popular streaming platform Twitch, where he was joined by Ibai Llanos, Gerard jovially addressed his post-football interests, humorously suggesting that he now finds himself keeping up with the latest trends.

In a lighthearted manner, he disclosed that he often accompanies his new partner on shopping excursions and defers to her fashion choices, whimsically dubbing himself as “just a puppet” in their dynamic.

This playful assertion seems to resonate with reality, as the couple has been frequently captured by paparazzi during their outings to various clothing boutiques and stores, adding a touch of whimsy to their public image.

Interestingly, amidst discussions about his personal life, Gerard also touched upon his former partner, Shakira, acknowledging her as the most globally renowned figure he’s encountered outside the realm of football.

Additionally, he identified Cristiano Ronaldo as the most recognized footballer, albeit emphasizing that this assessment was based solely on their social media followings.

Furthermore, Gerard took a moment to praise his former teammate Lionel Messi as the best player he has ever witnessed, underscoring their close bond forged during their shared tenure at Barcelona.

By offering glimpses into his personal and professional life, Gerard’s interview sheds light on the intricate dynamics of fame, relationships, and the ever-evolving landscape of post-football pursuits.

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