This 8-year-old boy completely roasts Got Talent judges and even makes Simon Cowell laugh…

In a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent, audiences were left buzzing about an unexpected performer—a talking dog that stole the spotlight and captured hearts across the nation.

As the canine contestant took to the stage, accompanied by his young owner, anticipation filled the air. With a wag of his tail and a bark of excitement, the talking dog, named Deck, greeted the judges and the audience with undeniable charm.

Deck’s owner, an eight-year-old boy named Ned, proudly introduced his furry friend, sharing that he hails from Stone and is accompanied by his family, including his mom, dad, stepmom, siblings, and even the family pastor.

When asked about his experience performing, Ned revealed that he often entertains his friends and family with his talented companion, showcasing their acts both at home and at school.

But what truly captivated viewers was Deck’s response to the judges’ questions. With wit and humor beyond his years, Deck delivered a series of hilarious one-liners that left everyone in stitches.

With a nod to judge Amanda Holden’s infamous spin on the phrase, “Why are people so excited about that talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent?” Deck cleverly replied, “Amanda Holden’s spun on it for years!”

Deck didn’t stop there. He went on to tease Ant & Dec, the beloved hosts of the show, joking about their comedic dynamic and leaving the audience in uproarious laughter.

But it wasn’t just the judges who were impressed. Even Simon Cowell, known for his discerning taste and high standards, couldn’t help but crack a smile at Deck’s playful antics.

In the end, it wasn’t just Deck’s ability to talk that won hearts—it was his infectious personality and undeniable charm. As Ned proudly looked on, it was clear that he and his four-legged friend had won over not just the judges, but the entire nation.

And with performances like these, it’s no wonder that the talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent has become the talk of the town.

Here is the video:

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