Simon thought their dance was lame at first but after a few seconds he was left speechless… Watch to see why!

Meet Jackson and Carlo, the dynamic duo behind Funkin’ on the Cheap, bringing a unique blend of funk and geometric dance to the stage. Their name, a fusion of funky style and geometric moves, embodies their vibrant energy and innovative approach to dance.

In a recent interview, Jackson, 20, and Carlo, 19, expressed their confidence in bringing joy to audiences worldwide. Their mission? Spreading positivity through their soulful funk-inspired performances, setting their sights on the ultimate victory.

Initially concerned about whether their TikTok-sized performances would translate to the big stage, the duo quickly proved their mettle. Judges and audiences alike were captivated by their audition, praising its fun, original, and modern appeal.

While some wished for a longer performance, the overall consensus was clear: Funkin’ on the Cheap delivered an electrifying act that left everyone wanting more.

With synchronized moves, expressive faces, and captivating storytelling, Jackson and Carlo showcased their talent to perfection.

Their choice of music added another layer of excitement to their performance, earning them high praise and enthusiastic support from the judges.

As the judges delivered their votes, it was unanimous – four yeses and a ticket to the next round. The excitement was palpable as Funkin’ on the Cheap celebrated their well-deserved success, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed their performance.

In the world of dance, where creativity knows no bounds, Jackson and Carlo stand out as rising stars. With their infectious energy and undeniable talent, Funkin’ on the Cheap is poised to make a lasting impact in the realm of dance entertainment.

Keep an eye out for this dynamic duo as they continue to spread joy and inspiration through their innovative performances.

Here is the video:

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