Simon could not believe his own ears! He asked this kid to sing without the music and was left speechless…

Da’Corey Johnson, an 11-year-old from Louisville, Kentucky, captured hearts and dreams as he stepped onto the stage of America’s Got Talent. With dreams of Broadway and movies, he embarked on a journey that would leave a lasting impression.

In a heartwarming exchange with the judges, Da’Corey revealed his aspirations to conquer the stages of Broadway classics like Hamilton and Wicked.

His passion for performance shone through as he expressed his admiration for Simon Cowell, likening his honesty to that of his mother.

When asked about his chances of winning AGT, Da’Corey exuded confidence, believing in his ability to clinch the top spot. With nerves and anticipation, he took to the stage, ready to showcase his talent to the world.

With a voice that resonated with depth and emotion, Da’Corey’s rendition captivated the audience and judges alike.

Despite a brief pause to sing a cappella, he delivered a performance filled with sincerity and passion, leaving a lasting impression on all who watched.

Da’Corey’s journey from his hometown to the AGT stage symbolized the pursuit of dreams and the courage to chase them. As his voice filled the room with hope and possibility, it became clear that this young talent was destined for greatness.

As the applause faded and the judges shared their praise, Da’Corey’s performance marked the beginning of a journey filled with promise and potential.

With open arms and unwavering determination, he embarked on a path that would lead him closer to his dreams, one note at a time.

Here is the video:

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