This incredible man built the largest treehouse in the whole world, and its design is just amazing…

Located not far from Crossville, Tennessee, USA, stands a remarkable testament to human creativity and perseverance: the world’s largest treehouse. This awe-inspiring structure, built over the course of more than two decades, is the brainchild of Horace Burgess, a local priest whose vision and determination transformed the landscape.

Burgess’s journey began in 1993 when he felt inspired by what he believed to be a divine calling. Moved by a sense of purpose and guided by what he described as messages from the Lord, Burgess embarked on a mission to construct a sanctuary like no other.

Armed with little more than faith, determination, and a modest toolkit, he set out to realize his extraordinary vision.

What emerged from Burgess’s efforts was nothing short of extraordinary. Rising majestically amidst the trees, the treehouse spans an astonishing 1,300 square meters and stretches over 10 floors. Supported by the sturdy trunks of six trees, the structure is a marvel of ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Over the years, Burgess labored tirelessly, sourcing materials from various places to bring his vision to life. Old boards, discarded construction debris, and salvaged timber from abandoned structures all found new purpose in the construction of the treehouse.

With each nail hammered and each board placed, Burgess’s dream took shape, defying skeptics and naysayers who doubted its feasibility.

As the treehouse grew, so too did its reputation. Visitors from far and wide marveled at its grandeur and complexity, exploring its labyrinthine corridors and hidden chambers. From a church to a basketball court, the treehouse boasted an array of amenities, each one a testament to Burgess’s unwavering commitment to his vision.

Yet, despite its popularity and acclaim, the treehouse faced challenges over the years. In 2012, concerns over fire safety prompted authorities to close its doors to the public, casting a shadow over Burgess’s labor of love. Since then, the treehouse has fallen into disrepair, its once-thriving halls now silent and empty.

However, amidst the quiet solitude, Burgess remains steadfast in his devotion to his creation. Now in his sixties, he continues to reside within the walls of the treehouse, a living reminder of his remarkable journey.

For Burgess, the treehouse is more than just a structure; it is a symbol of faith, resilience, and the enduring power of the human spirit.

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