A woman gave birth to quadruplets 14 years ago and here is what they look like today…

Multiple births are quite rare occurrences, with statistics indicating that the likelihood of twins is merely 2%, while quadruplets are estimated to happen only once in tens of millions of pregnancies.

However, against the odds, miracles do happen. When Julia underwent her first ultrasound scan 14 years ago, it revealed that she was carrying four embryos simultaneously.

Given that the infants shared the same placenta, the situation was immensely intricate, leaving no guarantees regarding their health upon birth. Despite being offered the option to terminate the pregnancy due to its complexity, Julia adamantly refused.

Following a cesarean section, it was discovered that all the girls were healthy, albeit two of them initially had low birth weights, which they quickly regained.

Despite being quadruplets, it was their remarkable resemblance to each other that astounded everyone, a resemblance that has remained unchanged over the years.

The girls have consistently attracted attention due to their striking similarity, prompting locals to often examine them closely in search of differences, which are few and far between. Even their eyeglasses are identical.

Despite the constant curiosity surrounding them, the girls are content with their unique situation, as their newfound fame has brought them opportunities.

Several clothing companies have already shown interest in collaborating with the sisters, further enhancing their prospects for the future.

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