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After making all the necessary arrangements for their wedding, the couple realized it was time to include Chris Garafola’s beloved sister, Brittany, in their special day.

Wanting to surprise her and show her how much she means to them, they arranged a heartfelt video call.

Brittany, who has Down syndrome, holds a special place in Chris Garafola’s heart. As a model with an impressive portfolio, Garafola was determined to ensure that his sister felt valued and cherished during the wedding ceremony.

With everything set up, they reached out to Brittany via video call, anticipating her reaction with excitement.

When Brittany saw the couple on the screen, she couldn’t contain her tears of joy and began jumping up and down with pure happiness. Witnessing her genuine and heartwarming reaction brought tears to the couple’s eyes.

Adding to the incredible surprise, Garafola’s boyfriend took the opportunity to ask Brittany to be his maid of honor. Overwhelmed with excitement, Brittany graciously accepted this loving gesture.

Garafola had introduced her sister to her fiancé during their dating days, ensuring that he was ready to embrace and love Brittany just as she deserved.

The couple recognized that their relationship included Brittany, and Garafola’s unwavering love and respect for her sister were integral parts of their lives.

Brittany’s happiness in gaining a new sister was immeasurable, bringing immense joy to the couple. They hope for a beautiful and fulfilling life together, embracing the bond between siblings.

The heartwarming video of Brittany’s reaction has touched the hearts of many, serving as a powerful reminder of the love, acceptance, and incredible bond shared between siblings.

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