Simon was completely shocked after hearing this character’s angelic voice and captivating performance on the stage…

In an unexpected turn of events on Britain’s Got Talent, a contestant named Dev made quite the impression with his devilish charm and musical talent.

When asked about his reasons for auditioning, Dev humorously replied that he wanted to make an announcement and quit his job, aiming for a more positive and hopeful future. With a mischievous grin, he shared his intention to spread some love through song.

Despite his playful demeanor, Dev’s vocal performance was nothing short of impressive. Singing Queen’s iconic hit “I Want to Break Free,” he showcased his powerful voice and captivating stage presence, leaving the judges and audience in awe.

Throughout the performance, Dev maintained his devilish persona, adding a unique twist to the song that had everyone entertained.

His vocal range and delivery earned him praise from the judges, with Simon Cowell acknowledging his unexpected talent.

Despite the devilish theme, Dev’s performance was met with enthusiasm and appreciation from both the judges and the audience. With a unanimous vote of confidence, he received four yeses, securing his spot in the next round of the competition.

As Dev bid farewell, he left a lasting impression on everyone, proving that even the devil himself can captivate an audience with his musical prowess.

It was a surreal and unforgettable moment that will be remembered as one of the highlights of Britain’s Got Talent.

Here is the video:

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