The blind man, who had never seen his wife before, made two comments when they met for the first time…

Imagine facing the prospect of proposing marriage to someone you’ve never laid eyes on, let alone describe the appearance of your own child. Would you still hold onto the hope of building a family, even if their faces remained a mystery?

For Gene Purde, this was not just a hypothetical scenario but a reality shaped by his battle with a debilitating disease that stole his sight. Struggling to discern even the haziest of outlines, Gene’s world was veiled in darkness, leaving him with an unquenchable longing for clarity and connection.

Yet, amidst the uncertainty, love found its way into Gene’s life. At just 16, he fell deeply for Joy, his heart refusing to be bound by the limits of his vision. Together, they embarked on the journey of parenthood, welcoming a son into their lives despite the unknown faces that filled their family portrait.

But Joy’s unwavering love didn’t stop there. Inspired by the stories of others who had regained their sight through cutting-edge technology, she dared to dream of a brighter future for her family. With determination and hope as her guiding lights, Joy sought out opportunities that promised a glimpse beyond the shadows.

It was through one such opportunity, a program offering groundbreaking solutions for visual impairment, that Gene and Joy found themselves on a journey to Denver. Surrounded by the buzz of anticipation and the warmth of shared dreams, they stepped into a world where possibilities stretched beyond the limits of their imagination.

As Gene stood before a live audience, nerves and doubts threatened to overshadow the moment. Could this be the turning point he had longed for, or would it be another fleeting glimpse of hope in a world darkened by uncertainty?

Then, in a moment that would forever alter the course of their lives, Gene was presented with a pair of glasses unlike any he had ever seen. As he cautiously donned them, the world around him shifted, revealing colors, shapes, and the radiant beauty of his beloved wife.

Tears of joy mingled with disbelief as Gene beheld the faces of his loved ones with newfound clarity. With a pair of glasses valued at $15,000 as his guide, he embarked on a journey of discovery, savoring every precious moment of seeing his child grow and witnessing the luminous glow of his wife’s smile.

In that transformative moment, Gene’s world expanded beyond the confines of darkness, illuminated by the boundless possibilities that awaited him. And as he gazed into the eyes of his family, he knew that love, hope, and the power of human resilience had triumphed once again.

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