Simon saw himself perform on stage in real time and was left speechless…

In a captivating display of modern innovation and talent, Tom Graham from Australia and Chris Yume from Belgium graced the stage of America’s Got Talent (AGT) with their groundbreaking company, Metaphysic.

Despite forming their partnership amidst the pandemic, the duo met in person for the first time just two days before their AGT appearance.

Metaphysic specializes in utilizing artificial intelligence to craft hyperreal content, setting the stage for a truly unique performance. Joining them on stage was their esteemed collaborator, Daniel Emmett, a familiar face from a previous AGT season.

Daniel’s seamless integration into their act left the audience in awe as he delivered a spellbinding rendition of a classic tune, “Always on My Mind.”

His performance, enhanced by Metaphysic’s AI-generated visuals, offered a glimpse into the future of entertainment.

The judges, including Simon Cowell, were visibly impressed by the synergy between talent and technology displayed on stage.

Simon even remarked that the combination of Daniel’s exceptional singing and the impeccable visuals created by Metaphysic made it seem like the perfect contestant—one that could have been him twenty years ago.

The innovative nature of their act resonated with the judges and the audience alike, earning them resounding praise and a unanimous “yes” vote from the panel.

Their performance underscored the boundless possibilities of talent fused with cutting-edge technology, leaving a lasting impression on AGT viewers worldwide.

As Tom, Chris, and Daniel basked in the glow of their success, it became evident that their collaboration had not only captivated the audience but had also opened new doors for the future of entertainment.

Here is the video:

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