This 98-year-old woman reunites with her daughter for the first time in 80 years… Watch the touching video here!

Gerda Cole’s 98th birthday became an unforgettable milestone, marking not only another year of life but also the long-awaited reunion with her daughter after an astonishing 80-year separation.

This heartwarming tale of familial rediscovery unfolded against the backdrop of an unexpected global pandemic, illustrating the power of determination, perseverance, and love in reuniting long-lost kin.

The remarkable journey to this reunion began with Gerda’s grandson, Stephen, who embarked on a mission during the pandemic to locate his grandmother’s biological parents, spurred by a need to resolve citizenship matters.

Stephen’s efforts bore fruit when he discovered that Gerda, his grandmother, was alive and residing in a nursing home in Canada, a revelation that would forever change the lives of Gerda and her daughter, Sonya.

Sonya, unaware of her mother’s continued existence, was stunned by the news and wasted no time in making arrangements to travel from England to Canada for Gerda’s birthday celebration. This journey symbolized not only a physical voyage but also an emotional one, as Sonya prepared to meet the mother she had long believed to be lost to her.

The story behind the separation unfolded against the backdrop of World War II, during which Gerda, a young Jewish woman, was forced to flee England for Austria at the tender age of 18. Unable to care for a child amidst the chaos of war, Gerda made the heart-wrenching decision to give her daughter up for adoption, with the understanding that all ties would be severed.

Sonya’s arrival in Canada marked a momentous occasion, as mother and daughter were reunited after decades apart. Their emotional meeting was filled with tears, laughter, and an overwhelming sense of joy as they embraced each other, realizing that the bond of blood could withstand the test of time.

As they sat together, sharing stories and catching up on lost time, Gerda and Sonya discovered that despite the years of separation, they shared many commonalities, forging a connection that transcended the boundaries of time and distance.

For Gerda, the reunion was a dream come true, a testament to the enduring power of love and family. She expressed her gratitude to Stephen and Sonya for orchestrating this once-in-a-lifetime moment, cherishing the opportunity to finally hold her daughter in her arms after so many years.

As they celebrated Gerda’s 98th birthday surrounded by loved ones, the Cole family reflected on the journey that had brought them together and looked forward to the future with renewed hope and optimism.

In a world filled with uncertainty, their reunion served as a beacon of light, reminding us all of the profound impact of love and perseverance in overcoming even the greatest of obstacles.

Here is the video:

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