Sophia disqualified their performance but Simon said it was hilarious… What do you think?

The latest episode of America’s Got Talent Season 18 featured an unexpected and memorable audition that left both judges and viewers amused. The audition began with a group calling themselves the Cowbells, but their performance was far from ordinary.

As the group took the stage, their banter with the judges immediately caught attention. Amidst playful exchanges and unexpected remarks, they introduced themselves as the Cowbells, prompting a humorous response from Simon Cowell.

Their performance began with a rendition of Britney Spears’ hit song “Toxic,” but with their own unique twist. Sporting hairy armpits and horns, the group delivered a comical and unconventional performance that had the judges laughing.

However, the judges’ reactions were mixed. Simon Cowell, known for his blunt critiques, expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance, stating, “Stop, I didn’t like it.” Despite his criticism, the group maintained their lighthearted demeanor, engaging in banter with the judges.

As the audition progressed, the Cowbells continued to entertain with their witty remarks and comedic timing. Despite not receiving unanimous praise from the judges, their charisma and humor left a lasting impression.

Sophia Vergara, one of the judges, expressed her reservations about the act, citing concerns about its suitability for the show. However, she commended their charisma and humor.

Ultimately, the judges delivered their verdicts. While Sophia Vergara voted no, Simon Cowell advocated for the group, urging his fellow judges to give them a chance. Heidi Klum praised the group’s entertainment value, while Howie Mandel appreciated their humor.

In the end, the Cowbells received mixed feedback from the judges, but their unconventional audition undoubtedly left a mark on America’s Got Talent Season 18. Whether they progress further in the competition remains to be seen, but their memorable performance will surely be remembered by viewers.

Here is the video:

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