“Lace Spoiled It All!” Margot Robbie’s Silk Dress Disappoints Fans…

The actress caused a commotion with her appearance at the film premiere. Stylist Margot Robbie faced criticism for her choice of outfits.

The 32-year-old Hollywood actress attended the premiere of the film “Babylon” in Australia, wearing an iconic Versace gown. The combination of silk and scarlet lace sparked controversy among fans, with many expressing disappointment in the outfit’s appearance on the star.

Comments from users included remarks such as “The red lace ruined the dress” and “The dress should fit differently on the bust, without lace.”

However, stylist Donnie Gallela believed that Margot looked more impressive than at previous red-carpet events. He suggested that Robbie, being an Australian native, should pay attention to the work of local designers.

“I love this pastel blue Versace outfit on her. It’s refreshing to see her not wearing Chanel,” Gallela explained. He also mentioned that Margot’s fashion choices would likely evolve closer to the release of the Barbie movie.

Regarding Robbie’s appearance at the Golden Globe Awards, Gallela expressed disappointment, stating, “I expected much more.” He suggested that her affiliation with Chanel might have limited her fashion choices.

Gallela praised Margot’s look for the “Babylon” premiere in the UK, where she wore a vibrant Valentino gown. He particularly admired her hair, makeup, and scarlet lips.

After the official event, Margot enjoyed a friendly gathering with her former classmates at a Sky bar, where she wore a cream floor-length dress with a deep neckline, accentuating her figure.

During an interview on the red carpet in Sydney, Margot’s school friends called out to her, revealing her school nickname, “Maggot.” This nickname, reminiscent of the word for “larva,” is also associated with fans of the rock band Slipknot, a detail recently shared by Margot about her youth.

At the event, Margot encountered her stalker, Nasser Sultan, known as a “pest” of the red carpet. Despite his attempts to gain her attention, Margot maintained her composure and moved on with her bodyguards.

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