A little boy, who is just five years old, spends his days at home all by himself, not knowing that his mom has…

A little boy, who is just five years old, spends his days at home by himself, unaware of the fact that his mom has abandoned him…

The hero of this story is a little child who is just five years old but has been through a sequence of tragic circumstances. It wasn’t long until his mother followed in her husband’s footsteps and left the family. Over the course of more than 10 days, the little kid did not leave his house. How could anything like this happen to such a helpless young boy?

When he is hungry, he would then imitate his mother’s cooking method by placing rice in a pot and covering it with water until it boils. This is something he does whenever he is in the kitchen. On the other hand, since he lacked skill, the rice was never fully cooked enough.

The little child, who was starving, paid no attention to the fact that the rice was still raw and ate it anyhow. He would take a spoon of rice, blow on it for a few seconds, and then put it in his mouth before swallowing it.

It was discovered via investigation that the mom had lied to the kid. In most cases, he would follow his mother wherever she goes. One day, his mother informed him that she would be leaving town to search for work in order to earn money so that she can get him some new toys, and that she would be right back. The little kid believed her, and when it was time to go, he did not accompany his mother.

It came as a surprise when, after two days, his mother still had not returned. Since she had been gone for more than 10 days at this point, the little kid often cried loudly and searched for her in the middle of the night.

The little boy’s neighbors, feeling sorry for him, expressed a desire to have him reunited with his family. There are some people that are interested in adopting the kid. On the other hand, the little kid always declined, claiming that he needed to wait for his mother to return since his mother would be upset if she didn’t find him at home.

After hearing this from the little child, the other villagers were unable to hold their emotions and burst into tears.

It came out that the boy had been waiting all along for his mother to return to the room. People in the village believed that his mother no longer wanted him, but the kid was under the impression that his mother had gone away to find work and that she would return in the future just as she had promised.

He would prepare his own rice if he starts to feel hungry. After each meal, he would follow his mother’s example and clean the dishes in the kitchen.

His life continued in this manner for another two weeks, and during that time the rice supply was also almost gone. Even though the neighbors helped out quite a bit, the child would not go outside since he was still waiting for his mother.

He said that his mother had gone out to get money to buy toys.

The people who lived there were experiencing extreme depression yet were unable to do anything about it.

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