A story of identical twin sisters who were separated at birth and raised by completely different families…

In the year 2004, in a remote area of Changsha, China, twin newborns were discovered inside of a box that had been abandoned. After some time, they were adopted by two separate families on opposite sides of the globe.

A mystery box was discovered one day in 2004 in a town outside of Changsha, China. They could hear infants’ feeble screams coming from the box. After opening the package, they saw two newborn infants sleeping inside of it. The two infants were quickly sent to a nearby orphanage in order to be placed for adoption. They were fortunate enough to be adopted by two families, one from Norway and the other from the United States. Both families loved them very much.

Both of the potential adoptive families were unaware that the infants they were planning to take in were really identical twins.

It was destiny that brought them together. Both of the couples arrived for the China Welfare Institute on the same day, but were unaware of each other’s presence. They went through all of the steps required. Everything happened as a result of this meeting.

Both families went out and bought red outfits for their newest additions to the family.

The Norwegian couple, Hauglum, clothed their daughter in a red outfit that they bought all the way from Norway for their daughter’s final day in China before they returned to their home country. It just so happened that the Hansen couple from California, United States had purchased a red dress from the store next to the orphanage, and they clothed their child in red as well.

They were just about to leave the orphanage when they ran into each other just as they were making their way out. Both families were carrying their cherished daughters.

After staring at each other’s kid, the two moms were left speechless. Both of their infants were dressed in a red outfit of the same style. The red dresses were the catalyst that brought the two families together, and at this time they discussed their goals while in China. They couldn’t believe it when they discovered that both of their children had the same birthdate!

They were astonished by the series of coincidences, so they carefully studied their newborn daughters and found that their daughters had very identical appearances and characteristics. They reasoned, “These can’t be any other than twin sisters!” In spite of this, when they questioned the welfare home about their infants, the staff adamantly asserted that the children in question were not twins. Under these conditions, the two couples did not have any other options available to them for discovering the truth.

They came to the conclusion that it was best to end their communications with each other and go back to their own nations.
As a result, the identical twin sisters who were discovered in the same package were split apart. Both of them led quite different lives since they were born and raised in completely different parts of the world.

Alexandra Hauglum was the name of the young girl who traveled to Norway. Fresvik is a rather tiny village. It is a little village with around 200 people living in it. It is a village that is not easily accessible and has a very low population density. At the same time, the remote village was situated close to the water and has breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Alexandra spent her childhood outside, and as a result, she is used to living a rural lifestyle. Her favorite things in the world were mother nature, the mountains, the rivers, the birds, and the sheep. It turned out that her home included an indoor skiing facility on the roof.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Alexandra and her family would go over the hills in search of a fir tree, which they would then trim before finally cutting down.

The second twin that was sent to Los Angeles was called Mia Hansen, and she was located on the opposite side of the globe. She resides in Sacramento, California’s state capital.
Everyone seems to be in a rush all the time. The sounds of pounding engines on the roads, perfume-scented shopping malls, and restaurants with long lines of cars make up a typical day in her life. Mia took pleasure in the noise and activity of city life.

Mia has been a perfect kid in her parents’ eyes ever since she was a little toddler. In front of the camera, Mia’s adoptive father shared the following statement: “I love her so much that I would not think twice about taking a bullet for her.”
Mia’s mother would take her daughter to and from school every day out of concern for her safety inside the United States.

They would sometimes have their meals at lively restaurants, and on occasion they would witness dances and theatrical acts. Both Mia’s day-to-day activities and her interests are heavily influenced by the urban lifestyle.

Mia usually smiled brightly and animatedly. She picked up the skills of dancing, playing the violin, and playing football. It came out that the Norwegian mother called the American mother during the first month of the two families’ return from China and proposed that a DNA test be carried out to discover if the two children were twin sisters. The DNA tests performed after the collection of saliva samples proved that the two girls were indeed identical twins.

When they were older, the two started writing letters to each other. They became familiar with one another’s lives via letters. Alexandra, who could only communicate in Nynorsk, would send a postcard to Mia and say basic English phrases like, “I love you.”

Both girls’ parents agreed to let them meet after seeing their daughters’ desire for each other. They ultimately decided that the sisters will meet in Norway in the spring of 2009.

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