21 photos proving that you don’t need an interior designer to have a cool living space… Check them out here and get inspired yourself…

When we move into a new residence, it takes some time for us to get used to the new surroundings since everything looks unusual and foreign at first. We won’t be able to call this property “home” until we’ve given it some attention and made it more aesthetically pleasing for ourselves and our families, such as by renovating those old, creaky stairs into a hideaway for our children to play in or by cleaning up an area that’s been ignored.

We have put together a collection of photos that were contributed by a few individuals who seem to have wasted their potential as interior designers.

#1. “Brought some life to our balcony today.”

#2. “My urban backyard paradise.”

#3. “Saturday night movies on my balcony.”

#4. “It used to be a closet, but today it’s a lounge.”

#5. “A before and after look at my warm and inviting kitchen.”

#6. “My cozy balcony: before and after.”

#7. “1970s kitchen renovation.”

#8. “A bathroom update.”

#9. “Transformation season.”

#10. “My screened-in porch’s:  before and after photos.”

#11. “With no Thanksgiving gatherings, there was time to renovate the bathroom.”

#12. “My affordable yet cozy bedroom.”

#13. “A very simple laundry room.”

#14. “My Lego bouquet feels cozy.”

#15. “When you’re feeling inspired, the possibilities are almost limitless.”

#16. “Who needs a contractor for a DIY project?”

#17. ” A festival of lights in your own backyard!”

#18. “My kitchen renovation is now complete.”

#19. “My DIY cozy studio library.”

#20. “My cozy conservatory.”

#21. “Under the stairs in the basement is a great hide area for my children.”

Which one of these photos do you like the most? In what additional ways do you think these locations may be improved? Please do not hesitate to post photos of your cozy home.

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