The twins who are 101 years old  are still inseparable despite the fact they have to fight for seeing each other… Tap below to learn more about the challenges they face…

Having a twin may be an amazing blessing for some people. Just try to picture having someone by your side always from the very beginning of your existence and a relationship that will last forever.

Just ask the English twins Edith Dumbleton and Dorcas Tobin from Banbury.

Despite living more than 80 miles apart, they continue to meet every week and just celebrated their 101st birthday.

The third-oldest twins in the UK, Edith and Dorcas, were born in Banbury on June 28, 1920, 45 minutes apart. According to the BBC, the non-identical sisters have survived 25 prime leaders and four monarchs to put that into perspective.

They celebrated their 101st birthday on June 28, 2021.

“It’s astonishing that we’ve reached this age because we don’t know anybody else who is anywhere close to 100, so for us, it’s a miracle that we’ve made it this far. We’re still going strong and trying to make the most of it.”

The twins were from a “modest” upbringing, according to Edith Bemand’s daughter Christine Bemand, 67. Sadly, their engineer father passed away tragically while the twins were only 3 years old.

Christine stated, “Their mother raised the five kids as a single parent, so it was a frugal upbringing that doesn’t appear to have done them any harm.”

After some time, Edith tied the knot with a guy called Fredrick. They have three children together throughout the course of their 50 years of marriage. Frederik passed away 15 years ago, when he was 89 years old.

Meanwhile, Dorcas’s partner’s name was Horace. He had been married to Dorcas for a total of 30 years when he passed away at the age of 80. They were blessed with two children.

When Christine was a child, her mother Edith and her aunt Dorcas both lived on a different side of Banbury. The families got together often, and the cousins enjoyed spending time together. Bournemouth was the typical destination for the vacation trips taken by the two identical twin sisters.

Even though they are physically separated by more than 80 miles, the sisters continue to be inseparable and make it a point to visit each other at least once every seven days.

Every week on Tuesday, Dorcas, who lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire, with her son Robert, who is 71 years old, makes the journey to Leominster, Herefordshire, to spend time with her cherished sister.

These two sisters have a bond that cannot be broken and serve as a source of motivation for all of us.

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