The story behind this adorable graduation photo will warm your heart…

There is something about fathers and daughters that has the power to immediately make us lose our breath. And this story is not an exception to that rule.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that photographs from graduation pop up all over the internet whenever that season arrives.

These sweet photographs of a father and daughter, however, stood out above them all.

After winning many people’s hearts when they were first shared in 2018, they have now gone viral for another time.

Tori Roach graduated from Huntsville High School in Texas a few years ago and earned her diploma. She used the event as the perfect chance to show her appreciation for her father by tweeting a throwback picture of him from when he received his own diploma from the same school.

The photo showed him holding Tori in his arms and kissing her on her lips.

The 19-year-old also published a recreated version of the original photo.
Her father kissed her on the face once again, but this time she was much larger!

It was surely a touching moment, and judging from the smile on Tori’s face, her father clearly knew just how to raise a daughter. Her post instantly received hundreds of retweets and spread like wildfire. We fully get why.

But because of all the attention the photographs were getting, Tori felt the need to explain.

“To everyone who have asked: yes, he is my father; he is 37; and no, he is not single. I  have another sibling on the way.”

Tori had no idea how badly this would turn out.

I’m from a small town, and things like that never happen here. I didn’t anticipate it to go off that badly! When it first began, I thought, “Oh my god! Everyone is sharing the photos.”

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