13 touching photos showing the utmost happiness and pure love on adoption day…

It breaks my heart to think that some children may never have the opportunity to grow up in a loving home with their own family. These children, in contrast to other kids their age, are used to moving from one foster family to another and do not really have a permanent home to go back to.

When their most anticipated day, the day of their adoption, finally arrives, all of this will change.

This moment is a once-in-a-lifetime event when love and family are recognized and honored. Because of this, the mission of the charitable organization Together We Rise for the last two years has been to document the wonderful event of an orphan being adopted into a family and given a place to call their own home.

Every photo captures the sincere joy, love, and appreciation that each kid experiences upon receiving the gift of a family. Let’s have a look at these 13 uplifting photographs that were taken on adoption day; I guarantee they will put a smile on your face.

#1. Getting along with your siblings in a family is the next best thing to being adopted.

#2. 1261 days of hope, and the day has finally arrived!

#3. The joy on his face!

#4. “My daddy brings me home!”

#5. The smile on her face says everything!

#6. “I have a brother now!”

#7. “Can’t sleep!”
With just three days till his adoption, this kid can hardly wait!

#8. This cute face says it all! The joy is overwhelming!

#9. “We are siblings now!”

#10. 23 foster homes and 1 for ever!

#11. Forever starts today!

#12. But today everything has changed for ever!

#13. Chosen, loved, adopted! What a day!

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