A woman’s performance of “Never Enough” gets her the Golden Buzzer and leaves Simon Cowell speechless…

The Greatest Showman is an incredible movie to watch.  It includes the emotionally dramatic ballad known as “Never Enough,” which has karaoke singers doing their best to imitate the song’s very high notes.

It was the UK’s longest-running No. 1 soundtrack in the last 50 years or so.

Jenny Lind, who is played by Rebecca Ferguson, sings the smash hit. However, the vocals for the song were performed by an even more incredible vocalist by the name of Loren Allred.

Allred, however, never received the recognition or fame for the song. Rebecca Ferguson asked Allred to take over singing duties.

Therefore, Loren Allred seized the opportunity and performed on Britain’s Got Talent so that she could introduce herself to the audience as well as the four judges and explain why she is now performing on that platform.

Simon Cowell could not believe what he was seeing and hearing.

Allred takes this opportunity to introduce herself to the judges. This is a woman who has sung this song on glamorous stages with a number of well-known people. She always looks really lovely in the outfits that she wears for these events.

However, Allred takes a more relaxed approach on the BGT stage.
“So, you sang one of the most famous songs in the history of music. Simon responds, “You’ve revealed that it wasn’t the actress who performed the song in the movie; rather, it was you performing the song.”

When questioned why only now, Allred had the following response: “I was more comfortable singing behind the scenes, but I sort of feel like the song was intended for me, and now I’m ready to put a face to the song.”

Which means that everyone in the audience was left speechless when they realized that the woman performing on stage is in fact the exact same woman they had heard singing in the movie.

Allred, who is 32 years old, claims that she is both the face and the voice of the song.

Allred said to The Sun, before to her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, that she was “still trying to build a name for myself” in the music industry. This was before she appeared in the program.

At that time, she had not yet signed a recording contract with any label.
“People aren’t familiar with my name despite the fact that I’ve been in the music industry for a long period of time. Through all of these years, I’ve been working hard to improve my chances of being successful and gaining recognition.”

“The chance to sing Never Enough came about as a result of my participation as a session singer in the choir, and despite the fact that the song was a huge hit, many people continue to believe that the actress is the one who sang it. I’ve never had the chance to share my story.”

Allred’s performance started off a little shaky, but once she got into her rhythm, she blew the roof off the place.
She strikes every high note, which causes everyone, including the judges, to jump up and praise her performance.

The judges were in awe of Loren’s incredible vocals, and Amanda Holden got up and pressed the golden buzzer, which caused gold to rain down on Allred from the rafters.

Loren has waited long enough to be recognized, walking out of the shadows and into that golden light!

You won’t believe what you see and hear in the music video  below!

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