A woman who lives in a tiny wagon falls in love with a baby goat and makes room for it too… How? Watch the video below…

Although I’ve seen a number of really tiny houses in the past, this one has to be the tiniest one I’ve ever seen. And it’s just too adorable.

After her daughter went off to college, Kate made the decision to pursue her lifelong dream of seeing the world and became a backpacker.

After selling her home, she started checking items off her bucket list, such as walking the Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail, among other things.

Kate had every intention of making this nomadic way of life her permanent way of life, but then the pandemic happened.

Her plans changed almost immediately.

Kate went on Craigslist.

There, she came upon a wagon that retailed for $2,500 and weighed barely 800 pounds. It could not have been any better!

Even though there were many components of the wagon that required maintenance, all that Kate could see was its potential.

She gave the outside a new coat of paint and built cupboards, a bed frame, and loads of storage space inside the wagon.

She paid around $6,500 for the wagon and the renovations, which is a really good deal for 2.5 years.

It is still a better option than settling down in one place, paying a mortgage on a property, and keeping a regular style of life. She has the opportunity to explore the whole of the United States thanks to this wagon.

In point of fact, she has traveled to around 30 states with Little Leaf in the wagon.

Little Leaf is the name of this adorable little goat. She got her from a goat farmer who took care of her while she was staying there to fix her wagon.

They were all under the impression that Little Leaf wasn’t going to make it, but Kate refused to give up hope for her. She took her in as her own and did all in her power to bring her back to health.

They are both doing well in the wagon two years later.

The bed, which takes up almost the whole wagon, is the first thing you’ll notice when you open the door.

Kate keeps her portable fridge and her clothing, which are sorted into winter and summer outfits, below the bed.

She has shelves on the left where she keeps her books, personal stuff, toiletries, and shoes.

Another shelf with a little table for her toaster, grill, and coffee machine is on the right.

For power, she has solar panels on her wagon. But Kate still makes an effort to save power.

She’ll use a battery-powered reading light while she’s reading. In case she needs light inside, she also has battery-powered amethyst lights.

Kate uses her Jeep to pull her wagon.

She has a few additional things inside the car, including a kite, a paddle boat, and a life jacket for Little Leaf. Her jeep is completely empty except than the driver’s seat.

They were all taken away to create place for Little Leaf so that she could roam about without limitation.

Living in such a limited area presents a number of difficult challenges. But it’s a good thing that Kate has experienced the life of a backpacker, since it means she understands how to survive.

She is able to filter water such that it is safe to drink. She puts off on showering till she arrives at the campground she plans to stay at. She uses a laundromat whenever one is available in order to have her laundry done.

The life that Kate leads in her little wagon is not quite as glamorous as it may seem.

But it’s still totally worth it.

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