A man uses shipping containers to construct a futuristic house in the desert… Take a look at the interior below…

When you first hear the phrase “shipping containers,” what is the first thing that pops into your head?

Is it connected in any way to the transportation of goods or housing units? You may be shocked to find that in recent years, architects and house designers have shown a lot of interest in using shipping containers as an alternative sort of housing. This is something that might surprise you.

Many people have come to the conclusion that, for a variety of reasons related to money, it would be best to use a shipping container as a form of accommodation. Those of you who are familiar with or who are enthusiastic about the Tiny House movement won’t be the least bit shocked by the information presented here.

Many people in different parts of the globe are “revolutionizing” the housing industry by opting for non-traditional types of housing, such as purchasing one or two shipping containers and transforming them into their dream homes. Naturally, in order for them to have all of the conveniences that come with a contemporary house, they have to invest a significant amount of time and money in order to rebuild and equip them.

However, the decision they made to transform shipping containers into homes is significantly more affordable than purchasing a house with a mortgage, and it allows them to begin their lives relatively debt-free because they won’t have to make the consistent payments to the bank over the course of many years.

In today’s story, we won’t see the traditional “shipping container” house, but a more futuristic version of it.
This is the result you get when you hire a creative architect with the task of renovating a number of cargo containers.

Sadly, the project didn’t go further when this futuristic building was designed in 2010 for a German advertising business by London architect and digital artist James Whitaker. Unexpectedly, a movie producer believed Whitaker’s design would look fantastic on his desert property in California’s Joshua Tree National Park after seeing it.

Whitaker accepted the producer’s offer right away since he was so excited about the possibility of realizing his concept!

And that’s how the 2,100 square foot, futuristic-looking Joshua Tree Residence came to be.

According to Whitaker, “The image was of an office that I’d planned some years before but had never been constructed. It came to happen that the next time the customer was in London, he contacted us and requested a meeting.”

At first glance, the structure might look a little small, but it is actually very open and spacious and has a beautiful, simple design. The home is flooded with an abundance of natural light as a result of the positioning of the containers and the glass windows that are located on the ends of the containers.

The Residence has a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room, and three bedrooms with private bathrooms. As part of their plan to improve the energy efficiency of the house, the architects are considering mounting solar panels on the roof of the garage.

According to the explanation that Whitaker provided to CNN, “There’s been a lot of care done in aligning the interior halls of the containers,¬†which means that when you walk into the home at the start of the weekend and nobody else is there yet, you can have all the bedroom doors open and enjoy standing in the middle and looking out into the desert.”

It’s a really beautiful house that looks like it grew right out of the ground. This gives the house an even more natural and earthy vibe. Would you be interested in living in a house like that? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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