This dad has been teasing his daughter, and it just got so much funnier… Our favorite is No 12…

Chris Burr Martin is a father of three from Washington who has taken over the Internet, especially Instagram. Cassie, Martin’s teenage daughter, had been posting racy photographs on Instagram, and although most parents would have handled the situation differently, Martin chose to troll his daughter instead. It was hilarious when he started imitating the photos she shared on social media.

If making fun of her wasn’t enough to make the Internet laugh, she must be really embarrassed to find out that he now has more Instagram followers than she does. In fact, his number of followers has doubled the number of followers she has.

Take a look at our favorite remakes of his work, and you’ll be laughing so hard by the time you get to the end.

#1. I hope we will find out what she thinks of these photos.

#2. He’s way too good at this!

#3. No photo left untouched.

#4. Is that the same shirt or did he get one of his own? Either way, I can’t stop laughing.

#5. He is really winning the game

#6. That face!

#7. Who did it better? I’m not sure.

#8. This one isn’t even beautiful, it’s just hilarious.

#9. Mirror selfie!

#10. He is not too shabby at doing his make up.

#11. He’s got the eyes and the pout down.

#12. I’m sure this one is her favorite.

#13. I don’t know which detail I love the most.

#14. He totally nailed this one.

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