A rescued cat becomes an Instagram celebrity after modeling in adorable outfits (20 cute photos)…

Benson is one cat who can’t help but agree with the statement that life is a catwalk. For his incredibly endearing appearances on Instagram, this kitten has indeed become well-known.

However, this fashionable cat hasn’t always led a wonderful life. He was discovered wandering the streets of Dubai years ago, so he was left there to survive for himself.

Benson was fortunately saved by his current parents and taken to reside in the United States. One of his owners said, “I heard a cat meowing and when I checked, it was a fragile, scared little Benson looking for his family.”

After providing him with food and water, the pawrent went around asking whether anyone had lost their cat. Benson was brought inside to cool off as summers in Dubai may reach 109°F or 43°C.

But it didn’t take long for the short-term arrangement to turn into a long-term one. The owner continued by saying that they soon learned that his birth family had left him and moved on.
“I told him that day that I would never leave him, and so far, I have kept my word. He’s been with me everywhere for the past five years.”

#1. Here is Benson, the famous Instagram cat.

#2. Someone is ready for the jacuzzi

#3. Hey you, yes you, where’s my latest ride?

#4. A knight in his shining armor

#5. The greatest Indian professor

#6. Beach time, baby!

#7. Are you ready for today’s fashion class?

#8. World news! Exhausting!

#9. Draw me another awesome portrait!

#10. I’m taking orders. What’s yours?

Since the day Benson met his dad, there was a spark in his eyes, and they knew he had finally found his hooman. His pawrent claimed that Benson’s true home is with him. When Benson’s family put a pair of spectacles on him and noticed that he seemed to like wearing them, they realized that their kitten loved fashion.

After some time, they began to experiment more with their clothing choices and eventually began to wear hats as well. Benson was wearing an entire outfit with the exception of the shoes because he “absolutely hates any type of socks and shoes,” according to his loving dad.

Benson adopts a totally new character with each and every outfit that he wears, either it for the office or for a night out drinking, sporting the latest fashions. Look at more photos of the fashionable cat down below.

#11. A fashion icon right here!

#12. Check me out…

#13. Let me be your superhero for today!

#14. Paparazzi everywhere!

#15. The cutest ghost!

#16. Hey! What’s up?

#17. Meet your fashion cat king!

#18. Can I talk to you, baby?

#19. No alarms please!

#20. Come join me, my friend! Let’s relax together!

It is true what they say; cats choose their humans, and Benson has found the one he was meant to be with. This handsome guy always looks his best, no matter the occasion, thanks to his extensive wardrobe.

He looks great in his party clothes. Which one is your favorite?

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