Remember Anna Kournikova? Better sit down before seeing her at 41…

Anna Kournikova was considered to be one of the top tennis players in the world during her career peak, as shown by the fact that she once held the No. 8 spot in the world rankings.

Despite all of this, the Russian great never managed to win a singles championship. Anna was just 22 years old when she had to call it quits in her professional life because of injuries. She quickly became one of the most Googled individuals in the world and sponsorship and endorsement agreements continued to pour in.

After her professional tennis career came to an end, Kournikova went on to become a well-known celebrity by participating in a number of television shows, modeling jobs, and other projects. Her marriage to Enrique Iglesias, which also attracted the attention of entertainment magazines, has since faded from the public eye, and the couple now leads a more quiet lifestyle with their children.

So, how does Anna Kournikova spend her time now days? And how does a person appear when they are 40 years old? This is all you need to about this star!

There are a lot of young people that dream of being famous in their chosen area and becoming celebrities. Keeping this in mind, the most crucial aspects of achieving success, regardless of whether one strives to be an entertainment star in Hollywood, the most brilliantly shining singer in opera, or the best dancer and performer on Broadway, are working diligently, believing in oneself, and dedication.

This is also true in the world of sports, where young players with a lot of potential have to battle tooth and nail to make it.

Even though the road to fame is notoriously hard, it’s important to remember that the higher you go, the farther you have to fall.

That was the case with Anna Kournikova, who was once one of the most highly respected teenage tennis players in the world. She was predicted by experts to become the sport’s next major star and reach its highest peaks. She got professional at a very young age, but her career ended basically before it had begun.

When Anna started playing tennis, the field was controlled by men, and everyone wanted a piece of her—fans, sponsors, even journalists. This meant that in some ways she became a brand rather than a person, and that her beauty took center stage instead of the evident skill that she had.

Despite the fact that the Russian’s career did not end when and where she had hoped, she was nevertheless able to build an empire and a beautiful family.

She was born in Moscow, Russia, on June 7, 1981. She began playing tennis with several friends when she was only five years old, and not long after that, she became a regular at a tennis club in Moscow.

Many people recognized Kournikova’s exceptional talent. Her parents, as well as trainers and agents on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean, were not the only ones who see her potential.

It was predicted that Anna, whom IMG had found when she was only 10 years old slamming old tennis balls across the court in Moscow, would become one of their most prominent stars. Before she participated in a single professional competition, IMG relocated Anna and her mother to its Lord Tennis Academy and helped her become a billionaire by the age of thirteen.

Simply said, the management saw that, at that age, Anna Kournikova was more than just a tennis player. She was well known for both her attractive appearance and her talent on the tennis court. It is stated that IMG thought her looks to be an important element despite the fact that she was only a teenager.

People saw her as this whole package, and she ultimately turned out to be that.

After moving to Florida, Kournikova began her tennis career by training at the renowned Nick Bollettieri’s tennis school. Not long after that, she started competing in junior tournaments, where she quickly became unbeatable by everyone who challenged her.

In 1995, at age 14, Kournikova became pro.

In her last year as a junior, Kournikova won at the most prestigious international competition.

She made her US Open debut the following year and advanced to the fourth round. At age 16, she also advanced to the semifinals of the legendary Wimbledon tournament. She competed in tennis events for a total of 35 weeks per year.

Nevertheless, Anna and her group of managers and agents also prioritized their off-court business. Fast-growing women’s tennis attracted financial investment from sports marketers seeking high-profile athletes to represent their brands.

It got simpler for marketers to connect with consumers throughout the globe as the internet spread internationally. Anna was a Russian who played tennis all over the globe, spoke perfect English, and was the epitome of a marketing fantasy.

The first famous female tennis player to go commercial was Anna. She was a model for a variety of products, including sports bras and watches, and she graced the covers of numerous weekly sports magazines. She was modeling in tiny blouses and bras on magazine covers at the age of 18, and many would describe her as a “sex symbol.”

Even though this made many people feel disappointed, Anna was making a lot of money. She did sell her image to all of these different companies, but other players, including the legendary Martina Navratilova, supported the Russian star.

She was only 22 years old when she had to give up playing because of injuries. She eventually continued to play the sport in exhibition matches and played in World Team Tennis, but she was unable to realize her dream of becoming one of the sport’s all-time greats because of factors beyond her control.

We can all agree that Anna’s career was cut short far too soon, but it hasn’t stopped her from having continued success in other areas of her life. In point of fact, the Russian woman built an empire for herself that is now valued at over $50 million; today, she is happily married and the mother of three children.

So what did she do after her time on the court? While continuing to feature in several commercials, Kournikova temporarily worked as a model. She even had a minor role in the movie Me, Myself, and Irene.

Kournikova had an appearance in Enrique Iglesias’ music video for the song Escape.

At the time, he said, “I’ve never met her before, but I’m a big fan. Many guys want to meet her, I’m sure of it. I’m one of them. She’s a fantastic tennis player, beautiful, and talented, so I know she’ll do well in the video.

Anna and Enrique were going to work together, but it turned out that fate had more in store for them than that. The two quickly became romantically involved once they met paths. In 2017, they had twins Lucy and Nicholas, and Mary was born three years later.

“I love being a mother, and I always knew I wanted kids, whether I had my own or adopted. I love taking care of others,” Anna said in 2019.

Kournikova made her comeback to television in season 12 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser as a personal trainer. As was previously said, she has built an empire that is now valued at $50 million during the course of her career. At the age of forty-one, it goes without saying that she has not lost any of her beauty.

Below you may see her family photo, and as you see, she is still that gorgeous young woman we used to see years ago.

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