Cheetah female cub approaches the photographer and begins to lick his toes out of curiosity… The results are amazing…

Baby wild animals, just like our own babies, are naturally very curious about their environment, particularly people and other things. They make an effort to get closer to what it is that captures their interest in order to uncover it. They won’t be shy about showing it out if they have a soft spot in their heart for the item in question. Put your hands on it, say hi to it, or even give it a bear hug (or kiss). These furry animals live with their real feelings and know how to show them.

One such instance may be found in this story with the female cheetah cub. The curious and energetic kitten approached the photographer, walked directly in front of his lens, and began licking his toes.

It must be unbelievable in some way, right? Kim Wolhuter, a wildlife photographer who is 57 years old, was the one who took the shot that caught this one-of-a-kind scene. He was surprised for a few seconds by what the cheetah did, which was more than he had expected.

Kim had been snapping photos of a family of cheetahs for six weeks in the Mashtu Game Reserve in Botswana when a curious cub came up to him. The guy was able to acquire some of the mother’s and her cubs’ trust at that period.

And the final product is really mind blowing! The beautiful young cat couldn’t hide her interest in the person who lived near her family, so she went inside to get a better look. She went so far as to lick the man’s toes.

“I spent some time photographing the mother bear and her cubs when they were around. The female cub approached me while I was laying on the ground shooting photographs because she was much more interested than her siblings”, Kim added.

Although the cheetah seemed to be chewing softly, Kim had to move his foot away since it still hurt a little.

While taking pictures of cheetahs in the Mashtu Game Reserve, the photographer got very close to this one. He would always remember this encounter. MGuys, majestic cats often have a naturally childlike curiosity and are known to be highly sociable.

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