VIDEO: A teenage boy plays a mix of dance songs on the piano, and the crowd couldn’t help but applaud in delight…

The piano is one of the most complicated instruments because it has up to 88 keys that are split into seven octaves.

There are many more considerations to make when playing the piano, thus its complexity goes beyond simply the number of keys.

You’ll need to be familiar with melody, harmony, and rhythm all at the same time if you want to play this one instrument.
You have to learn scales and finger patterns while also being able to recognize the right octaves to go with it.

It often takes weeks or months to learn piano, and years to completely master it.

However, this 12-year-old Liverpool piano player appears to have it down and is skilled at playing the keys!

A young musician was practicing in front of a red piano that was set up by the side of the road.
We assume that no one on the street was paying much attention as he prepared to perform.

Soon, he starts gently tapping his fingers on the keys, and people walking by are amazed to hear a beautiful piece coming from the small fingers of Harrison Crane.

Crane plays the street piano with elegance and skill throughout the whole performance.
Despite having small fingers, he was nevertheless able to properly strike every note.

He gave an almost flawless and smooth performance that gave the impression that playing the piano was simple.

But it’s also admirable that he was able to deliver an outstanding performance in front of such a large audience.

Even though he was only 12, he was already better than the average pianist.
Who knows how huge the next audience will be that he plays for if he keeps his enthusiasm for music and keeps going?

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