An army veteran who almost died in Afghanistan receives something special from the Gary Sinise Foundation on his tenth wedding anniversary…

The Gary Sinise Foundation has given 79 specially modified houses to seriously wounded heroes since it was founded.

Gary Sinise’s foundation recently helped a number of people, including retired Army Sgt. Christopher Kurtz.

Kurtz submitted a four-bedroom, three-bathhouse application two years ago. A new smart house that was specially designed to match Kurtz’s requirements was given to him and his family in March of last year, and it changed their lives.

After enlisting in the Army in 2009, Kurtz was sent out to the Arghandab River River valley of Afghanistan in June of the following year.

In December of that year, when he was out on foot patrol, a remote IED exploded next to him. It sent him approximately 60 feet in the air.

As a consequence of the explosion, he was left without two fingers on one hand, had many injuries to his pelvis, and underwent amputation of both legs above the knees.

In 2013, he took a medical retirement from the Army.

After returning home as a wounded warrior, he faced a number of challenges, one of which being the fact that he now had physical problems. And they were especially clear in the house where he lived with his family.

The Gary Sinise Foundation made it possible for him to have a smart home, which completely transformed his life.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a reason to celebrate, Kurtz got the keys on the day that he and his wife were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary.

“I am extremely grateful to the Gary Sinise Foundation, not only for what they do for the military community, but also for changing my life with this new home that will help restore my independence and make life easier for our family,” he said.

It is no longer a concern for Kurtz, who uses a wheelchair, that he will be unable to reach high shelves or figure out how to skillfully navigate in a bathroom that is restricted in space.

The Kurtzes’ new house was constructed with everything taken into account.

The CEO of the Gary Sinise Foundation, Mike Thirtle, says that the foundation helps veterans in their healing. “When Gary asked us to give these homes to veterans, he told us to make them fit the veterans and their families’ needs.”

Many of our country’s heroes have benefited from Gary Sinise and the work of his foundation. We would like to express our gratitude to the Gary Sinise Foundation for providing this Army veteran and his family with a house that they can call home.

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