A woman is surprised to find out why the taxi driver wears an oxygen tube… Click the link below to learn more…

In August 2020, at about 6:30 p.m., Nongying Chuaibamrung, a Thai woman, was taking a taxi from a police station in Pathum city back to his home in Bang Khu Wat. She was going there from a police station in Pathum city. On the way, she realized that the driver was driving very slowly and was talking on the phone.   Despite the fact that this made the passenger uncomfortable, she kept her calm and was silent. After a few moments, he hung up the phone and requested the female passenger for help in detecting whether or not there were any air bubbles in the oxygen tank that was secured behind his car seat. Nongying, out of natural curiosity, started a conversation with the driver.

Sumeth Singpun, who was 49 years old, needed dialysis due to a number of health conditions, including kidney problems. Sumeth’s slow driving is a result of his poor vision as well. Sumeth never complained and worked tirelessly to support himself despite his hardships. Nongying was inspired by his work ethic and posted about him on her Facebook page.

Sumeth, a taxi driver, resides in Ayutthaya, Bang Sai. He works as a taxi driver within Pathum Prison. He works hard to earn his daily living, pays the rent, and buys food to eat. He lives alone. In Thailand, people with disabilities are given a monthly allowance of US $21.90 (800 Thai Baht), which is insufficient to cover their medical expenses. Due of his kidney problems, Sumeth also needs dialysis.

Sumeth’s son lives far away and never comes to see him. It’s unclear if he is aware of his father’s health condition, however. Sumeth said that his son had abandoned him.

He lives alone in Ayutthaya. He has rent to pay. No job means no money. Treatment costs for people who have disabilities are also too high. Therefore, he must drive a taxi. There is a son who was supposed to care for him but never returned home.

Nongying also said that she was able to provide Sumeth a significant amount of money for any further help that he may need.

According to Nongying, he has a son. “He never showed up to look after him. He cried. I could only comfort him emotionally. When we reached home, I got out of the vehicle, paid the car fare and helped him with the little amount of cash I had on me. Moreover, I informed him that I planned to post his story on Facebook.”

His story gives everyone hope and gives people who are about to give up a reason to keep going. Everyone goes through tough times at some point in their lives. Keep up the fight until you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

“The sky, after the rain, is always bright.”

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