With 1.2 million views, the gymnast’s performance achieves almost a perfect 10… Check it out here…

The routines that gymnasts do are in a class all by themselves. People have a very clear understanding of how fantastic a superb floor routine can be as a result of the recent Olympic Games. It’s like a full-body dance that, once you’ve seen it, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

There aren’t very many sports videos or highlights that are viewed by both men and women equally. When a video like this one finally makes its way online, it demonstrates that our love and admiration for extraordinary athletic achievement is a good thing that we can all enjoy. A gymnast from UCLA who did one of those really unusual routines became an internet sensation after doing it.

Nia Dennis is a gymnast at UCLA who decided to perform a routine to the song “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce.

When the music began, the audience had no idea that they were about to witness something stunning. Nia begins in the corner, where she gives a brief greeting to the audience before setting herself up and getting ready to perform. The young woman, who was 21 at the time, started the performance that would become one of her signatures as soon as the music began.

Watching work performed in the air is almost always a fascinating experience. Even though it appears physically impossible, certain people are able to throw their bodies into the air at incredible heights. Because it is so incredible, it always comes as a surprise to see the very first pop off the floor that sends the athlete soaring skyward.

Although speed isn’t always a good thing, Nia makes advantage of hers.

Something isn’t always better just because it moves faster… yet, using speed well might sometimes “wow” an audience. Nia really did it. She hits precise moves that seem to be inhumanly fast as she rockets over the floor.

Her team is aware of how effective she was.

The sound of Nia’s team encouraging her could be heard as she seemed to soar and soar around the floor. They informed her that she was performing well and had her whole team supporting her with hoots and whistles. Knowing that you have supporters can be extremely empowering.

People weren’t satisfied because the judges seemed to have seen something that the others missed.

Seriously, how was that not a 10? Where is the deduction?

“It’s in moments like these that I feel like NCAA judging is somewhat arbitrary. This deserved a 10.

Nevertheless, it was fantastic enough to draw more than a million viewers.
The public believes it was fantastic, therefore it doesn’t really matter whether the judges agree that it merits a 10. What do you think? People from all over the world have commented on how beautiful they find it to be.

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