13 hilarious reasons why children break down… Our favorite is No 9…

Everyone has been in this situation: You’re having a calm playdate with other parents when all of a sudden, one kid strikes another, sparking a storm of shrieks, sobbing, and whines.

While hitting is common among kids, particularly toddlers, during playtime, parents may find it difficult to decide what to do.
It might be difficult to be a parent of a child who hits other children on the playground or at daycare, and you might be wondering what solutions are most useful in addressing this problem. On the other side, your kid may suddenly start hitting you or a sibling, leaving you to suffer in silence and wonder if there was anything you might have done differently.

Stress may also affect children, and this can result in uncontrollable sobbing. Some parents overstimulate and overwhelm their kids with playdates, soccer practice, language classes, etc., even when they mean well. Kids periodically need some quiet time to relax, just as we do.

Parents have been providing the funniest, most absurd reasons for why their children have been going crazy. Whether you are the parent of a toddler or a former child yourself, we guarantee that this list will make you laugh. Parents discuss the dumbest (and funniest) causes of their children’s breakdowns. Parents know that kids can cry about anything, and sometimes they have a reason to feel bad.

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