Christopher Reeve’s son is all grown up, and he looks just like his super hero father…

There are a number of stories that circulate about children who have grown up to appear just like their famous actor or model for parents.

There are a number of celebrity kids who make us do a second take when we look at them. Some of these famous offspring include Michael J. Fox’s twin daughters, Julia Roberts’ daughter who looks just like mom, and even Elvis Presley’s grandson.

However, in the case of Christopher Reeve’s 25-year-old son Will, he not only resembles him very well but is also making a deliberate effort to carry on his father’s inspiring legacy.

How does a hero look like?
Christopher Reeve was a hero to millions of kids growing up in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

It was in 1978 that he first brought the DC Comics hero Superman to the big screen, and for this performance, he was awarded the BAFTA for Most Promising Male Newcomer.

The charming and good-looking actor went on to star in three additional superhero movies.
But Christopher Reeve was much more than simply an actor; he also directed films, produced films, wrote screenplays, rode horses, and was an activist.

Millions of his fans were shocked when he was thrown from a horse and put in a wheelchair in 1995.
When his condition worsened, he was just 42 years old. He is now quadriplegic.

When he became a quadriplegic, he was only 42 years old.

Reeve spent the remainder of his life in a wheelchair and was dependent on a portable ventilator for breathing.
He could have given up, but instead he focused on activism by starting the Christopher Reeve Foundation with his devoted wife Dana.

After some time, it was renamed as the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Additionally, the couple was responsible for creating the Reeve-Irvine Research Center, which advocates on behalf of people who have had spinal cord injury and funds stem cell research.

The actor passed away in 2004 when he was 52 years old.
Dana, his wife and caretaker, died of a malignant lung tumor only 17 months after his passing, despite never having smoked.

With his ex-wife, Gae Exton, he had two kids, Alexandra and Matthew. He then had a son, Will, with actress Dana Morosini.
Will became an orphan when he was only 13 years old.

Will has, up until this point, avoided the spotlight as much as possible, despite the fact that he now resembles his father in every way.

Will has finished school and is making a name for himself in the sports news industry.

Will is now 27 years old, and it is obvious that he has inherited his father’s great features; the similarity between the two is remarkable.

However, it is not what makes this young man so remarkable; rather, it is the fact that he is carrying on the excellent job that his parents began.

Will could have gone downhill or off track after going through so much trauma at such a young age, but thanks to his parents’ strong guidance and his own strength of character, he didn’t.

In an article published by the Daily Mail, he was quoted as saying, “There is something my father used to say and which I use frequently today to not only honor his legacy but to imbue a new generation with his timeless spirit: ‘A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.'”

Will and his dad both had a deep appreciation for athletic competition, and Will now works as a contributor for ESPN’s Sports Center, honoring a promise he made to both of his parents that he would one day fulfill.

He got the job after working as an intern and production assistant at “Good Morning America” while he was going to Middlebury College.

He carries on his parents’ legacy by exploring for novel treatments and leading the foundation’s fundraising efforts to support more technological advances for spinal injury patients.

I have no doubt that his parents, if they were still alive, would have been bursting with pride at all that this young man has already accomplished. He is such an example to look up to.

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