13 celebrity kids whose looks seriously beat all of our expectations… Tap below to find out how…

Almost every parent has sometimes heard that their kid is his clone and resembles him/her identically. However, research shows that this apparent similarity is often inaccurate.

Children often don’t resemble their parents enough for a likeness to be seen, according to researchers from the University of California, San Diego. However, there are always exceptions, such as the fact that one-year-olds mostly resemble their dads.

Nature has its own theory to explain that. Naturally, a woman’s attachment with the unborn child begins to grow throughout pregnancy.
When the time comes to meet the baby in person, this unique link grows and becomes strong. Fathers, however, do not get these privileges, therefore their relationship is more mysterious.
In order to make up for that time and help them in quickly realizing it is their child, nature has chosen to provide them with something in return. This will allow them to adjust to their new situation as quickly as possible. One-year-olds in 80 percent of families resemble their dads’ faces, according to research.

We are still only able to consider a child’s parents, despite the fact that we are aware that genetics is a mystery and that it has deep roots in children’s looks. Every time we see a newborn, we immediately start comparing it to their mother or father, unaware of the fact that kids might look like any relative.

We have gathered 13 photos of children that do not resemble their famous parents in order to support our claims. Since there is little resemblance between them if you meet them on the street, you may not assume that their parent is a well-known celebrity.

#1. Pierce Brosnan and his son, Dylan Brosnan

#2. Cynthia Nixon and her son, Samuel Joseph Mozes

#3. Susan Sarandon and her daughter, Eva Amurri

#4. Michael Jackson and his daughter, Paris Jackson

#5. Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes Leon

#6. Melanie Griffith and her daughter, Dakota Johnson

#7. Rowan Atkinson and his daughter, Lily Atkinson

#8. Paul Walker and his daughter, Meadow Walker

It’s possible that a kid might be a “clone” of either their grandparent or their great-grandparent as well. It’s not uncommon for kids to look different from their parents.

But people are strange, and even though we know we can’t tell whose genes a child will get, we wrongly think it will mostly come from their parents. It’s likely rooted in a warm and fuzzy wish, fueled by parental love, that our offspring should take after us physically.

#9. Robert De Niro and his son, Elliot De Niro

#10. Bruce Willis and his daughter, Rumer Willis

#11. Ron Perlman and his daughter, Blake Perlman

#12. Pamela Anderson and her son, Brandon Thomas Lee

#13. Demi Moore and her daughter, Tallulah Willis

In any case, if you were to meet the children of these famous people, would you be able to identify them as the celebrity parents’ offspring? 

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