VIDEO: A rescued lazy kangaroo insists on sleeping on the couch, cuddling his dad, and watching TV with him…

If you have pets at home, you are well aware of how entertaining and adorably cute these furry members of the family can be. It had to have been the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you, from the moment they stepped foot inside your house for the very first time to the moment they were recognized as legal members of your family.

The story we are sharing with you today is about a kangaroo that a loving family adopted. This lovable and active kangaroo has an unhealthy obsession with the couch. He usually cuddles up with his dad and watches TV in his own spot on that couch.

Meet Rufus, a lazy rescue kangaroo. When he was just eight months old, a kind couple decided to take him in as their own baby.

Kym Haywood, who operates the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston, South Australia, said that Rufus showed an interest in the family couch from the time he was rescued as an 8-month-old “joey” (young kangaroo).

Because Rufus enjoys the couch so much, he spends almost all of his time there. He is blessed with wonderful parents that always support him and provide him with the absolute best opportunities. They are aware that Rufus cannot live without that specific place, therefore they have made the decision to give him the whole couch and purchase another one for themselves. They set it aside as a special place for their adored Rufus, and no one else, not even their visitors, was permitted to sit there.

When Kufu’s mother informed him it was time for bed, the video shows him slumping onto the couch and covering his head with the blanket. When his mother attempted to get him off the couch another time by offering grapes as a reward, clever Rufus took the grapes, but then he fell back down onto the couch as fast as he could. The sweetness of his behavior immediately won over the hearts of hundreds of people on social media.

The presence of Rufus in Kim and Neil’s lives has brought both of them a great deal of joy. They like hanging out with Rufus and giving him plenty of hugs and cuddles on a daily basis. They believe that Rufus is the most adorable kangaroo in the whole world. Every day, the family bonds get stronger because of him.

According to Kim, “When he began doing that, we thought it was the sweetest thing ever, and we could tell that Rufus was really different from the others and how much he liked the couch and how safe he felt there.”

“He falls into the deepest sleep imaginable because he is certain that he is quite safe there and doesn’t mind waking up sometimes to watch a little bit of tv.”

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