VIDEO: This man loves his dog so much that he did something unbelievable for her… Get surprised here…

Maya is one of the luckiest dogs in the world thanks to her human dad, David Connolly.
Along with all the hugs, kisses, and food, Maya also gets a nice cabin of her own in their garden. It’s all because her smart human thought about the possibility of giving her personal space at home.

David is the owner of the Fencing Decking Specialists NI in the UK. He is very busy, but whenever he could, he would take Maya with him. However, there would inevitably be times when he just couldn’t, and he was forced to do so since he had no other option than to leave his dog at home.

At some point, he became aware of the fact that Maya never went inside their home but rather remained outside in their backyard. Because of this, he started to consider the possibility of building his cherished dog her very own cabin so that she wouldn’t have to sit in the open backyard all day waiting for him.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he was able to build a cabin with excellent architecture that fulfilled all of Maya’s needs.
The cabin has its own fence and stairs to keep up with how active and playful a dog can be. It also has a roof that keeps Maya dry and warm when it rains, and it has a comfortable dog bed that is just right for her. In addition to this, it is surrounded by plants, which helps to maintain a pleasant atmosphere, and Maya’s very own mailbox is attached to the gate.

Maya enjoys being outdoors, and the cabin provides the ideal environment for her to do so, particularly during the rainy months. On the other hand, David is able to relax whenever he is unable to return home until after the sun has set since his dog has the cabin. Because of the night light that he wired into Maya’s backyard cabin, the idea of Maya being alone in the dark never concerned him.

Building the cabin was just one of the many things he did to show how much he cared about Maya. For David, the ability to provide a secure environment for his dog whenever he must be absent was of the utmost significance. 

David said, “Maya is my best friend.  She is a trustworthy friend, and I am doing all in my power to ensure that her life is as full of fun and ease as is possible for her.  The very least I could do for her was to put together a cozy small house for her.”

Maya couldn’t be happier with her own cabin, but David’s presence makes her even happier. She doesn’t care if they don’t have the cabin as long as her dad is there to hang out with her and spend time together.

There are a lot of other ways to express how much you actually love your dog, and giving them some of your time is one of the greatest ways to do this.

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