Husband plants 6,000 trees in memory of his late wife… Photos taken 15 years later show the real reason….

Winston Howe’s whole life revolved on his love with Janet.
In point of fact, it was love at first sight for the two destined to be soul mates, and that love only became stronger as the days went by.

In 1962, the pair tied the knot, and their love for each other was unshakable. Their love for one another was so strong that others in their town would ask them how they managed to keep their marriage so happy for all of those years.

After getting married in 1962, Winston and Janet decided to make their home in the peaceful English countryside in a charming farmhouse.

A little while later, Janet gave birth to their son, and throughout the course of the years, the couple grew to enjoy a love that the majority of people can only dream of having.

Their kid was in good health, and their farm was thriving at this time of peace and prosperity in their lives. Over the course of three decades, Winston and Janet lived out their dreams in the house they had always wanted in Wickwar, Gloucestershire.

However, things would go in a different direction.
Janet was just 50 years old when she unexpectedly passed away in 1995 due to heart problems that she had been fighting for some time.

Winston was heartbroken and had the feeling that his whole life had fallen apart around him. He could no longer be with the love of his life.

Winston decided to honor his devoted wife by creating a living memorial for her in the form of 6,000 oak trees that he planted in a field close to the house that they had shared for so many years.

Winston wanted to make a private, sacred site that he and his son could go to when things were tough. As a result, Winston got to work planting trees, and he planted a lot of them.

But what makes Winston’s memorial so special is that he hid a heart-shaped meadow inside the forest.

His stunning confession of love was kept a secret from the public for a period of seventeen years. Winston had achieved his goal, but the real reason he had worked so hard to get it was still a mystery, and it was hiding in plain sight among the trees.

In 2012, a man named Andy Collett was in his hot air balloon when he found out Winston’s secret. When he looked down, he saw the heart that had fallen from the sky.

According to General Knowledge & Interesting Facts, Winston’s beautiful memorial was his own secret garden for years until Andy happened to cruise over the land.

“You can easily imagine the couple’s love story,” Andy shared his experience with the Daily Mail. “I have my own balloon and am a fairly regular flyer, but this was by far the most amazing sight I have ever seen from the sky.”

The tip of Winston Howes’ heart points in the direction of the village of Wotton Hill, which was Janet’s childhood home.

Winston also built a fence around it, and in the middle, daffodils grow every spring. “I planted several thousand oak trees because I felt it was a wonderful idea and I had a spark of inspiration. An emotional Winston told Daily Mail, “Once everything was finished, we put a seat in the field, overlooking the hill close to where she used to live.”

Winston said that he sometimes strolls to the heart-shaped meadow in order to recall the wonderful days he had with Janet.

Winston said, “It’s a beautiful and lasting tribute to her that will be here for years.”

Even though there is nothing that can bring Janet back to life, Winston may have confidence in the fact that she would be pleased with the heart-shaped meadow that was specially made for her.

I think heaven might be a lot like the place he made for his beloved wife…

It is a nightmare to experience the loss of a loved one, particularly a spouse who you have spent your whole life with and have shared everything with. However, this story demonstrates that tragedy sometimes has a positive outcome.

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