Everyone’s eyes light up as a frail elderly woman sits down at the piano and begins to play… Check out her fantastic performance here…

I couldn’t stop staring at her: In a video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2018, an elderly woman by the name of Eleonora Arkadyevna Breslav is seen approaching a street performer and asking permission to play the piano they were performing at. After that, she began to play Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 by Franz Liszt for anybody who happened to walk by while.  You would have been happy to see whatever was going on if you had been one of the people involved in the event that took place on a busy street in Russia. People walking along the street were awestruck as an elderly woman played the piano as she was surrounded by her admirers. She surprised everyone by playing a flawless impromptu piano recital, leaving everyone speechless since they did not expect such a performance from her.

The crowd was amazed because the woman with gray hair gave a master class performance. Even though the piano was old and a little out of tune, she was able to make it sound like it was played by a professional.

The woman’s constant smile demonstrated how much she enjoyed playing this instrument. The only thing that really showed how bad the piano was was when the pedal was pressed. That issue may have been solved with a little oiling. Also, the keys had a little tuning issue. However, the unexpected pianist was talented enough to use the materials at her disposal to produce a work of art. The elderly lady proved that she can still do things that call for quick thinking and accuracy despite her advanced age. She played well from the start to the finish. Although no one knew who she was, they were certain that she was and still is a musician of the highest caliber. She was performing while seated on the piano chair, making it difficult to miss her.

Everyone was glad that the piano was there when she walked by. They had the opportunity to see a remarkable lady perform who would have otherwise gone unnoticed on the streets. When the show was over, she slowly stood up and walked away with her friends as people cheered and applauded her. Her last-minute performance was a hit, and everyone was moved by it. Even though she was old and the piano was worn out, the performance showed that true beauty and art come from the heart and soul. Every other thing is just a tool for that. 

What did you think of the old lady’s performance? Do you think she used to play music for a living? Tell us what you think and share this with other music lovers.

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