This woman fought for 6 years to adopt the boy she met at the orphanage… Her “why” and perseverance will surely surprise you…

Sometimes people find purpose in their life in the most unexpected ways. This was the case with a young woman who, at the age of 23, started a legal fight to adopt a boy from a different nation. And here we are, six years later, with that dream having at long last been fulfilled.

Emily went to Uganda to work in an orphanage as a social worker when she was searching for meaning in her life. She did find it.

There, she came face to face with a little boy whose mother had passed away, leaving him without someone to care for him. The name of the kid is Adam, and he has successfully managed to win over the heart of this English girl.

This young woman from Worcestershire, England, in her wildest dreams never thought she would become a mother. The fact of the matter is that she had never considered adopting a kid before, but the kid won her heart.

Emily said, “I knew it would be incredibly difficult to say goodbye, but I wasn’t thinking about adopting him, I simply didn’t see it as a possibility.” 

The young woman had the opportunity to spend some time with Adam when he was only five days old; but, in 2015, her funds ran out, and she was forced to return to England. She taught school for two years in her own country, during which time she put money aside and prepared to go to Uganda to adopt a child. 

Emily is able to get a job as an international teacher in the African country, which ultimately allows her to reunite with Adam. The girl decides to rent a home with the kid in order to live with him temporarily. It is at this time that she meets Josh, a security guard who is 33 years old and who will eventually become her partner.

This girl was set on adopting Adam, and in 2018 she achieved her goal when she was granted a hearing for child custody, but things are not that easy.

“There is always an issue to be addressed. Things happen, like the documents getting lost or the court being overturned. Emily said that the process of adopting a child in Uganda took three years, and that throughout that time, her family lived there for a combined total of four and a half years.

After this girl’s video went viral on the Internet, she started a fundraising campaign to pay for the process. A great number of people were touched by the story, and as a result, they chose to help.

The process of adoption took almost four and a half years. In November 2020, Emily got Adam’s visa and passport so she could bring him to the UK.

Due to the pandemic, the case was put off again, but Emily is now fighting in court from her home country to make it legal for foreign children to be adopted in Britain.

Despite the many challenges and administrative issues she faced, the mom finds meaning in her son’s eyes.

Nothing is more important to her than being a mother next to the child she met when he was only a few days old, and for this, willing to entirely alter the rhythm of her life.

The two of them are now in England. On the other hand, the young woman risks being apart from her partner Josh, who is now located in Uganda. Despite this, Emily is certain that they will eventually be together as a family at some point in the future.

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